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The EFRS educational wing

The EFRS educational wing

The Educational Wing aims to promote and develop all levels of radiography education and research across Europe.

From 2002 until 2008 a number of educational institutions and professional societies had been actively involved in HENRE (Higher Education Network for Radiography in Europe), which was a Socrates/Erasmus funded thematic network. HENRE as an EU funded network no longer exists, but because the aims of the in 2008 newly founded EFRS and the HENRE thematic network matched, the HENRE steering group and the EFRS Board investigated a merge to safeguard the work already undertaken. The creation of the EFRS educational wing was agreed by the General Assembly in 2010.
With the creation of the EFRS educational wing one of the main aims of EU funded projects is fulfilled, which is to create sustainable European networks that continue the work post EU funding.

Since 2008 the number of cooperating educational institutions in the educational wing has grown from the 21 founding institutions from 13 countries to 54 institutions from 24 countries in 2016.

The educational wing meets annually in March during the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) and since 2011, there is a concurrent radiography student seminar.

European Universities and other educational institutions which offer radiography education are warmly invited to join the EFRS educational wing as EFRS affiliate member.

Some benefits:

  • opportunity to collaborate on Europe-wide projects related to radiography education
  • access to collaborative research projects involving our members
  • possibility of joining grant funding applications led by the EFRS or where the EFRS is a collaborator
  • access to annual EFRS webinars
  • participation in annual meeting of the Educational Wing
  • student access to our student sessions
  • participation in Educational Wing workshop
  • ability to input into the production of EFRS statements, guidance documents, benchmarking documents, and surveys
  • option to attend the EFRS AGM
  • ability to nominate experts from your institution to join the EFRS expert network and to participate in EFRS projects / working groups
  • eligibility for election to the Educational Wing Management Team
  • discounted rates for advertising courses, events, or jobs
  • eligibility to apply for EFRS research awards (will be launched soon)
  • discounted fees for the European Diplomas in Radiography (will be launched in 2019)



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